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(better than most, but higher than shown)


Costs of raw materials in our industry, as in so many others have skyrocketed! And, on any given day we can (and have been) crushed by unannounced increases from manufacturers the world over. 

Why?, you ask. The simple reason is the Covid epidemic. Over two years ago, in Spring of 2020 manufacturing plants of all sorts were shut down for fear of spreading the disease. Supplies of vinyl, aluminum, steel and wood quickly dried up. When plants reopened it was only at half capacity in order to maintain social distance. In the meantime everybody stayed home and the adults wanted the kids to go out and play safe in the backyard while they worked,  thus creating  an unprecedented demand for fence! But, today, as then, there aren't enough resources to meet that demand--and that is a sure recipe for prices to go up. Long and short of it is this: while our prices remained steady for years, now we would have to update prices on this website two, three or more times a week, and would probably still get it wrong. Rather than wasting time doing that




What to do?! Well, here at Allied we still love and respect our customers and we are determined to still provide the best fence, the best gates and the best fence solutions in our region


So, come on, don't be afraid:

Call me, Bob, the manager, or Eric, my right hand man, and we will give you the best price we can, and we will get you the fence you want. I know it will take a little longer than usual, but, (click on testimonials people have written about us

over the years), call us:


610 521 4800


Until then, take care of one another and ,

              until the madness ends, be safe !                            

Sincerely, Bob



P.S. Only if you insist: were you to multiply listed prices by 1.8--give or take , you may approximate a current price 

Vinyl Fence to Order

We have all types of fence and fence hardware.

  • At Allied we offer fence supplies and fence solutions. We are the one place in the Greater Delaware Valley to fill all your fencing needs.


  • Supplies: We have Chain-link, posts, rails and hardware in stock. We bring in Vinyl, Ornamental Aluminum and Steel fence, all at competitive prices. We carry the largest variety of fence hardware for miles around.


  • Solutions: Most of all at Allied we offer solutions—You describe your fence needs, we  will  provide the answer: the right design, the right help and the right materials to get your job done.


  • Custom Gates: We build all manner of custom gates. Our gates are known throughout the industry, for their quality, strength and price.


  • Custom Welding: Our welder is a full partner at Allied, a master with over 25 years experience. His legendary dedication assures your welding job will be done right.


  • Among our many satisfied customers are fence contractors, general contractors, landscapers, schools, municipalities, commercial and retail outlets, home owners and even pet owners. To see what they think of us, please, click on "Testimonials", above.

You need a fence? Parts for a  fence? Help on a fence repair? Give us a call…….You won’t  be disappointed.


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